Getting prerelease (beta) versions via NuGet & MyGet

Adding the custom package source

Starting with Catel v5, the alpha prereleases are only available on the MyGet feed for Catel. Therefore you must first add the custom url to the NuGet Package Manager. The easiest way to do this is via Visual Studio.

  1. Go to Tools => NuGet Package Manager => Package Manager Settings
  2. Select Package Sources
  3. Click the + button at the right top and use the following values at the bottom: Name: MyGet - Catel Source:

Installing via package manager

Please make sure to select the same settings as in the screenshow below:

Installing via package manager console

This example installs Catel.MVVM as a package. However, to install other packages simple change the ID (name) of the package.

Installing the latest beta

Install-Package Catel.MVVM –IncludePrerelease

Installing a specific beta

Install-Package Catel.MVVM –IncludePrerelease -version 5.0.0-unstable0532

Updating to the latest beta

Update-Package Catel.MVVM –IncludePrerelease

Updating to a specific beta

Update-Package Catel.MVVM –IncludePrerelease -version 5.0.0-unstable0532

Updating to the latest stable version

Update-Package Catel.MVVM


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