Customizing DataContext subscription behavior

Starting with Catel 4.0, the views watch both the direct and inherited DataContext. Starting with Catel 4.1, it is possible to mimick the pre 4.0 DataContext subscription behavior.

Customizing the behavior for all views

To mimick pre Catel 4.0, use the following code:

var dependencyResolver = this.GetDependencyResolver();
var dataContextSubscriptionService = dependencyResolver.Resolve<IDataContextSubscriptionService>();
dataContextSubscriptionService.DefaultDataContextSubscriptionMode = DataContextSubscriptionMode.DirectDataContext;

Customizing the behavior per view

It is also customize the behavior per view. This allows very customized fine tuning of the behavior. To use this feature, one needs to create a custom implementation of the IDataContextSubscriptionService.

public class CustomDataContextSubscriptionService : DataContextSubscriptionService
    public override DataContextSubscriptionMode GetDataContextSubscriptionMode(Type viewType)
        // TODO: Add logic here
        return base.GetDataContextSubscriptionMode(viewType);


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