Property helper

The PropertyHelper class is a reflection-based helper class to get or set properties on classes. This class is used by Catel as a fall-back mechanism to use reflection in case cached expression trees are not supported.

For better performance, use the FastMemberInvoker instead

Setting or getting properties of objects

In lots of cases, you need to possibility to set or get properties of an object via reflection. This behavior is implemented in the PropertyHelper class. Below are a few examples.

Check if a property is available on an object

PropertyHelper.IsPropertyAvailable(person, "FirstName");

Getting a property value

PropertyHelper.GetValue(person, "FirstName");


string firstName;
PropertyHelper.TryGetValue(person, "FirstName", out firstName);

Setting a property value

PropertyHelper.SetValue(person, "FirstName", "Geert");


PropertyHelper.TrySetValue(person, "FirstName", "Geert");


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