Using attributes

The ServiceLocator in Catel can be set up to discover attribute based registration. 

Declaring a registration since the type definition

There is a way to automatically register types into a service locator. Using ServiceLocatorRegistrationAttribute it is possible to register types into the service locator in a declarative way. The following code shows how use this attribute:

public class MyClass : IMyClass 

All registration options are available in attribute based registration, such as registration type and tag, as ServiceLocatorRegistrationAttribute constructor arguments. The following code shows how use such options (it registers the MyClass using the IMyClass interface in a transient way (new type every time it is resolved) using the tag MyTag:

[ServiceLocatorRegistration(typeof(IMyClass), RegistrationType.Transient, "MyTag")]
public class MyClass : IMyClass 

Activating service locator to scan for automatically registration

By default the service locator doesn’t scan for automatic registration. In order to activate this you should set AutoRegisterTypesViaAttributes to true.

var serviceLocator = ServiceLocator.Default;
serviceLocator.AutoRegisterTypesViaAttributes = true;


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