The MessageMediator is a very powerful class to send messages to other objects inside an application. However, it can sometimes by cumbersome to register and create messages. Therefore the MessageBase class is a very nice convenience class to create messages and allow easier registration.

The MessageBase provides the following additional functionality out of the box:

Creating messages based on the MessageBase

 It is very easy to create a new message. The message below is a message that contains a string and this little class provides lots of capabilities.

public class DemoMessage : MessageBase<DemoMessage, string>
    public DemoMessage() { }

    public DemoMessage(string content)
        : base(content) { }

Note that the message needs an empty constructor

## Sending messages

A user can send a message by using the following code:

DemoMessage.SendWith("hello world");

Registering to messages

 A class that is interested in message can register to a message using the Register method:

DemoMessage.Register(this, OnDemoMessage);

Unregistering from messages

DemoMessage.Unregister(this, OnDemoMessage);

Instantiating a message with data

The MessageBase class can also instantiate messages by using the With method:

var message = DemoMessage.With("hello world");


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