To enable auto completion features, once can use the services and behaviors provided by Catel. There are two components required for auto completion:

  1. AutoCompletionService => takes care of the actual filtering
  2. AutoCompletionBehavior => can be attached to a TextBox to support a dropdown with recommended values

The auto completion features looks like the screenshot below:

AutoCompletion service

The default implementation automatically filters the collection specified. If there is no filter yet, it will filter the top 10 occurrences from the collection. When a filter is available, it will do the same but with the filter applied.

AutoCompletion behavior

The behavior can be used as follows:

<catel:AutoCompletionBehavior PropertyName="{Binding PropertyName, Mode=OneWay}" 
                              ItemsSource="{Binding RawCollection}" IsEnabled="{Binding EnableAutoCompletion}"/>

If the PropertyName is null or whitespace, the ItemsSource will be treated as collection of strings to be filtered directly


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