Improving performance by defining the view model grid manually

Catel wraps the content of each user control in a grid. This grid is the actual view model container as can be read in the advanced documentation. This wrapper is very convenient, but does have (little) impact on the performance and visual state management. To prevent Catel to wrap the control for you, there are a few things you can do.

Creating the grid manually

The easiest way is to create the grid manually. The default implementation of the IViewModelWrapperService checks if the direct child control is a grid and has a specific name __catelInnerWrapper. To prevent Catel from creating the wrapper, simply specify the name on the root grid.

Note that Catel will override the DataContext binding of this grid to reflect the view model.

Customizing the IViewModelWrapperService

Another way to prevent Catel from wrapping the grids is to implement the IViewModelWrapperService yourself.

Note that we recommend to create the grid manually since that is highly likely to have less side-effects


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