Validation via data annotations

The ViewModelBase derives from ModelBase, thus all information here also applies to the ViewModelBase

Data annotations are validation when the specific property is set. For example, when a property FirstName is set, all the data annotations on the FirstName property are validated.

Decorating properties with data annotations

Decorating properties is very simple. For example, to make a property mandatory, use the following definition (note the Required attribute):

/// <summary>
/// Gets or sets the middle name.
/// </summary>
public string MiddleName
    get { return GetValue<string>(MiddleNameProperty); }
    set { SetValue(MiddleNameProperty, value); }

/// <summary>
/// Register the property so it is known in the class.
/// </summary>
public readonly PropertyData MiddleNameProperty = RegisterProperty("MiddleName", typeof(string), string.Empty);

For more information about data annotations, read the official MSDN documentation .


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