Getting prerelease (beta) versions via NuGet & MyGet

Adding the custom package source

Starting with Catel v5, the alpha prereleases are only available on the [MyGet feed for Catel]( Therefore you must first add the custom url to the NuGet Package Manager. The easiest way to do this is via Visual Studio.

  1. Go to Tools => NuGet Package Manager => Package Manager Settings
  2. Select Package Sources
  3. Click the + button at the right top and use the following values at the bottom: Name: MyGet - Catel Source:

Installing via package manager

Please make sure to select the same settings as in the screenshow below:

Installing via package manager console

This example installs Catel.MVVM as a package. However, to install other packages simple change the ID (name) of the package.

Installing the latest beta

Install-Package Catel.MVVM –IncludePrerelease

Installing a specific beta

Install-Package Catel.MVVM –IncludePrerelease -version 5.0.0-unstable0532

Updating to the latest beta

Update-Package Catel.MVVM –IncludePrerelease

Updating to a specific beta

Update-Package Catel.MVVM –IncludePrerelease -version 5.0.0-unstable0532

Updating to the latest stable version

Update-Package Catel.MVVM


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