Name Value
Assembly Catel.Core
Namespace Catel.Test
Available on .NET Framework 4.5, .NET Framework 4.6, Portable Class Libraries, Xamarin - Android, Xamarin - iOS
public static class ExceptionTester

Class that helps test methods for expected exceptions.


CallMethodAndExpectException<TException>(Action action, Func<TException, bool> exceptionValidator)

Calls the method and checks for the exception. If no exception is thrown by the method, this method will throw an exception. If the wrong exception is thrown by the delegate, this method will thrown an exception as well.

Type Parameters

TException The type of the exception.


Name Description
action The action to execute.
exceptionValidator The exception validator. Ifnull, the exception will not be validated custom.


The exception so it can be further analyzed if required.


Name Description
ArgumentNullException The action isnull.

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