Name Value
Assembly Catel.MVVM
Namespace Catel.MVVM
Available on .NET Framework 4.5, .NET Framework 4.6, Xamarin - Android, Xamarin - iOS
public interface IViewModelFactory

Interface which allows custom instantation of view models. This way, if a view model contains a complex constructor or needs caching, this factory can be used.


CanReuseViewModel(Type viewType, Type expectedViewModelType, Type actualViewModelType, IViewModel viewModelAsDataContext)

Determines whether the specified view model as data context can be reused and allow the view to set itself as owner of the inherited view model. By default a view model is allowed to be inherited when it is of the same type as the expected view model type.


Name Description
viewType Type of the view.
expectedViewModelType The expected view model type according to the view.
actualViewModelType The actual view model type which is the type of the viewModelAsDataContext.
viewModelAsDataContext The view model as data context which must be checked.


true if the specified view model instance ben be reused by the view; otherwise,false.

CreateViewModel(Type viewModelType, object dataContext, object tag)

Creates a new view model.


Name Description
viewModelType Type of the view model that needs to be created.
dataContext The data context of the view model.
tag The preferred scope to use when resolving dependencies.


The newly created IViewModel ornull if no view model could be created.


Name Description
ArgumentNullException The viewModelType isnull.
ArgumentException The viewModelType does not implement the IViewModel interface.

IsViewModelWithModelInjection(Type viewModelType)

Determines whether the specified view model is a view model with model inject. A view model is considered a model injection if the first parameter of one of the constructors is not registered inside the dependency resolver.


Name Description
viewModelType Type of the view model.


true if the view model is a view model with model injection; otherwise,false.

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