Name Value
Assembly Catel.MVVM
Namespace Catel.MVVM
Available on .NET Framework 4.5, .NET Framework 4.6, Xamarin - Android, Xamarin - iOS
public interface IAuthenticationProvider

Interface to allow an authentication mechanism to control the CanExecute state of a command.


CanCommandBeExecuted(ICatelCommand command, object commandParameter)

Determines whether the specified command can be executed. The class implementing this interface can use any required method to check the command. It is recommended to use the Tag property to identify a command.


Name Description
command The command that is requested.
commandParameter The command parameter.


true if the specified command can be excecuted; otherwise,false.


TheCanExecute state of a command is queried a lot. The command itself does not cache any results because it is not aware of role or identity changes. If caching is required, this must be implemented in the class implementing the IAuthenticationProvider interface.a

HasAccessToUIElement(FrameworkElement element, object tag, object authenticationTag)

Determines whether the user has access to the specified element. This method is invoked by theAuthentication behavior, and can be used to disable or hide UI elements based on a role or any other authentication mechanism. This method will only be called for UI elements with theAuthentication behavior.


Name Description
element The element.
tag The tag, retrieved fromFrameworkElement.Tag.
authenticationTag The authentication tag specified by the calling object.


true if the user has access to the specified UI element; otherwise,false.

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